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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 17, 2012, 11:46 AM

I'm Oheysteenz everywhere now! Its nice to have one handle on every site so it makes it easier for people to find me. It makes me want to draw more! So i shall!

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After I pay my rent... I'm totally doing this. I have been wanting to change my username for like 3 years, now. THANK YOU, GODS OF DEVIANTART.
  • Reading: Infinity Gauntlet
  • Watching: Bob's Burgers
  • Eating: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
Hey! So I've got like... two weeks left of school, and that's when money gets the TIGHTEST. SO... if anyone wants a character of theirs drawn, I could totally do that! for like... 5 bucks! That's super cheap! I'll give ya details via private message. but... yea! you know you want it! Message me!

<3 Steenz
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Pay it forward


leave a comment and then i'll feature your artwork in my next journal and talk about how awesome you are!

go go go!

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So I've started a livejournal. Basically, i have alot of sketches that i don't put here, and of course... journaling. It seems to feel better to post them there, than to here. so if you're interested... check me out!

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I'm kind of a fan of this year's april fools. I kind of wish I got the GaGa avatar cuz she's fly, but still. This silliness is acceptable.
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I really miss not having a working laptop, anymore.
  • Listening to: signal in the sky - Apples in stereo
  • Reading: Teen Titans trade #5
  • Watching: Cowboy Bebop
  • Playing: legend of zelda spirit tracks
Okay, so three months since i last updated this journal... its whatever.

anyway, i'm starting on a comic idea, so alot of the pics up will either be character sketches are storybaords (if i even get that far). Just... lettin you guys know!

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So i finally have my new laptop. I have yet to install photoshop, but SOON. and there will many many lovely photos.
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  • Watching: Mad Men

I just can't get a break

Journal Entry: Tue May 19, 2009, 9:16 PM

First photoshop gets taken from THE LAPTOP? *sigh*
What can i do? Oh well...I guess it means no updates for a while. sorry fellow deviants... er...whoever reads these journals anyway. lol.

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go there guys. srsly
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Step 1: Fill this in, as such everyone on your watch list may then tell you are not a bad artist. This will let you know how splendid you are, that way you can boost your monstrous ego just a smidgen more.

Step 2: Now that you've got that great ego boost that you needed, you can sit and revel in it, and believe (falsely) that you are so superior than everyone else.

Yes. That was all supposed to be sarcasm.

1. [x] When you doodle, you say it's a simple drawing.  
2. [ ] Always provide excuses such as "Still in development"
3. [ ] Can only create an excuse of "I used a mouse, not a tablet"
4. [ ] You only draw faces.
5. [X] You always draw faces at the same direction.
6. [X] The proportion is awful.
7. [ ] Every character looks the same.  
8. [X] Uses different hairstyle to distinguish characters. (ha...i do that so much...)
9. [ ] Cannot distinguish left and right direction.
10. [ ] "Sketch? Who cares about that?"  (that's the only way to start!)
11. [ ] You only draw sketches.
12. [ ] What's a LAYER??? Seriously.. (T_T i love layers. o so much)
13. [ ] You always draw one character.
14. [X] You always draw characters in same angle.
15. [X] No matter how you draw, it's the same expression. (well...not ALLLL the time...)
16. [x] You couldn't draw characters with movement. (ugh. i'm still working on it. >.<)
17. [x] You barely draw feet. (xD if shoes count...)
18. [X] You can't draw figures from high or low angles. (dood...i don't even THINK about angles.)
19. [ ] You don't even know the definition of high and low angle drawing.
20. [ ] A shitty figure drawing in dynamic pose can be turned into a 4th Dimensional abstract.
21. [ ] Same character looks totally different when it is drawn in different angle or direction.
22. [ ] You can't even draw anything other than characters or draw everything except characters.
23. [ ] You can only draw cute characters.
24. [ ] You can only draw handsome characters.
25. [X] Hands is your nightmare (well...more like an unsettling dream)
26. [x] Your character's hands are always hidden behind. (xD. guilty)
27. [ ] The idea sketch is professional but the actual quality is shitty.
28. [ ] You try to cover up one of the eyes with hair so that you can draw only one eye.
29. [ ] Your works are always asymmetrical.  
30. [ ] Line art only = Finished piece.
31. [x] Rough sketch only = Finished piece (sometiiiimes...)
32. [ ] You have no anatomical knowledge.
33. [ ] You only draw eyes.
34. [ ] Character's hand and eyes are huge.
35. [ ] You're poor in drawing the position of boobs.
36. [ ] Your artworks are free from all logic. Awkward anatomy and proportion.
37. [ ] You lose confidence when other people's works look great. (usually i just get INSPIRED AS HELL)
38. [ ] You think they are genius when they come up with satisfied quality.
39. [X] You collect other people's works as practice references but you actually collect them as a collection. (i like to look over them for ideas.)
40. [x] While drawing, you easily lose patience and go do something else (if a drawing is bad it actually can ruin the entire page for me. xD.)
41. [x] Tablet is your god item. (I looooooves my tablet. ^^ But sketches scanned into photoshop is what i do alot too)
42. [ ] You regain confidence when other people's works look crappy than yours.
43. [ ] You are more than willing to draw but you lose the spirit so easily.
44. [ ] You completely lose the confidence when you see the works of true genius.
45. [ ] You draw once a month or even once a year.
46. [ ] You get mad when their favorite artists are being lazy.
47. [ ] When you draw hentai art, you end up drawing grotesque horror pictures because their proportion is so fucking awful.
48. [ ] You don't even have faith in yourself. (onoz. not the hentaiz)
49. [ ] You can't even draw since the beginning.  
50. [ ] You realized there are problems and know where to fix but you never do.

well that was fun. :D
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  • Reading: Soul Music - Terry Pratchet
  • Drinking: Pepsi
Guh...I've got to get photoshop again. Its horrible not having anything to draw on anymore. Just paintchats. >.<
  • Listening to: Never Let this Go - Paramore
  • Reading: Twilight.... D:
  • Watching: Friends
  • Playing: Proffesor Layton and the Curious Village
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Its so hard to keep updating these. So yea, my last entry was about six months ago...

Um, i'm thinking about starting a webcomic with my friend Danny, but i can't seem to have any more motivation. I mean, i love drawing the characters, creating scenarios and such, but when it comes to actually DRAWING IT OUT...that's when i'm like, "ehn...I'll do it later...."

I should work on that...

Anyway...Here's a shout out to Danny, THANKS FOR THE LAPTOP!

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so being away from the internet for a month was HELLLL. but i'm glad i got my interwebz back. i should start uploading all the shit i've been drawing. its quite a bit of's been piling up...all over my room. lol.

i need more ideas D:

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 7, 2008, 1:48 PM
  • Listening to: and i'm telling you - Dreamgirls
  • Watching: America's Best Dance Crew
  • Eating: granola bar
any ideas for me to draw, anyone? i've got artist's block AGAIN. ><

i want to draw some fanart, but i don't know what KIND of fanart. i want to draw some people, but i don't know WHO. *sniff sniff*...i think those are my fries in the oven! :D

srsly, guys. i need some ideas.

i'll draw pretty much ANYTHING at this point...


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Subway D:

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 22, 2008, 7:59 AM
  • Listening to: World without Fences- Lady and the Tramp II
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  • Eating: some breakfast
  • Drinking: pink lemonade

I DO NOT want to go to work today. i have to make the sandwiches for the people of my town, yes, BUT. i'd rather stay home than trek out in the icysnow. I don't know about you...but i'd rather not risk my life for sandwiches.

which REMINDS me. have you ever been around a person who wears SO MUCH COLOGNE that your nostrils start to feel like they're busting into flames? Like tiny atom bombs are being set off in your eyes? that's what it was like a couple of months ago at work. This guy comes in and i'm pretty sure the first thing we saw was his smell rather than his face. i mean HOLY CRAP.

I really wanted to go up to him and be like, "Hey, dumbass...if you can talk as loud  as your cologne, then you need to stand back all the way over by the door. I'm pretty sure if you walk by, you're going to KILL our food."

I dunno...just a thought. lol


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"Your life story would not make a good book. Don't even try." - Fran Lebowitz


Journal Entry: Wed Feb 13, 2008, 7:01 PM
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  • Watching: Project Runway
  • Drinking: pink lemonade

i really need to find a scanner. Either one that works with vista or one that i can get to easily. SOMETHING. GOSH. I drew this self portrait in colored pencil and it looks GRRREEEAAAT. *sigh*...


i joined a new group and it's awesome and you should join if you dig HP next generation.


go for it.

anymore requests anyone? i'm still open<--that's what she said.



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Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. "


Journal Entry: Mon Feb 11, 2008, 12:26 AM
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I've been so tired lately, guys. and i've been procrastinating and moving as slow as molasses uphill. what's the DEAL?

meanwhile. maybe i should draw more popular stuff or commission stuff...i need cash. like..STAT.

i should start building a name for myself, eh?

any requests? I'll draw close to anything. so much..artists' block. ><

mmkay, later days, guys


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i'm so exhausted. i really need to find some time to just CHILL OUT.